25-18 18th Street


The building is located in Astoria, 1/2 block from Astoria Park.
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Map of 25-18 18th St Astoria, NY 11102



About 25-18 18th Street:

The building is a 12-family apartment building.
The building is located on 18th Street about 100 feet to Astoria Park, the Track and Field and Tennis courts.
It is a quiet area.
The 19A bus is one block away.
The N&W trains are a 7 min walk to the Astoria Blvd station.
There is plenty of parking on streets.
The grocery store is 1 block away.
Laundry/Dry Cleaning is 1 block away.
Pizza and other good food is 2 blocks away.

Pics of the Park
click for a close-up.

View of Astoria Park from 18th Street.


From the Corner of 18th Street and Astoria Blvd South.


The Track


The Tennis Courts


The Track


Bike Path


View of the Pool and Triboro Bridge

View of the Park and Hells Gate Bridge

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